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Our Services

List of Service Provided for Students

  1. Counselling
  2. University Selection
  3. Doccumentation
  4. Provisional Admission
  5. Admission Letter
  6. Bank Loan Assistance
  7. Attestation and Legalisation
  8. Eligibility Certification Application
  9. University Admission
  10. Visa Profiling
  11. Visa Application
  12. One-way air from IGI New Delhi to the country you have selected
  13. Pre-departure briefing at head office
  14. Airport drop to IGI, New Delhi
  15. Airport Pick-up from the country airport
  16. Free 10 min. call with parents, from the destination airport Custom clearance
  17. Travel arrangement from country airport respective University hostels
  18. Hostel room allotments
  19. Free meals to students for initial days
  20. Introducing the country tours of the university campus, city
  21. 1st year Medical check-up assistance
  22. NEET-PG, USMLE, AMC, PLAB exams guidance from 4th year (paid basis)
  23. Biannual progress report to parents from head office via SMS, Email or India post.

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